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Texas – Perfect Solutions Nutrition, a full-service nutrition and health-based coaching platform that focuses on getting people away from processed foods, which have been proven to contribute to sickness, cancer, and less healthy lifestyles today, this week proudly shared one of their best success stories to date: a total family revolution between one father and his two sons.


As a company that provides meal plans, clean recipes, and shopping lists that users can easily follow for making great decisions at the grocery store, Perfect Solutions Nutrition follows a practical plan for helping all clients to realize their ideal health and weight.


“Our key to success is sensible meal planning and great coaching to keep our clients accountable and focused at the same time,” said Donovan Maycock, Founder and Owner of Perfect Solutions Nutrition. “Over the last year, we’ve had the honor and privilege of watching a set of 3-clients completely transform their lives for the better. That’s exactly what we aim to provide here.”


The father, Jaime, age 42, went from 300 pounds to 214 pounds over the close to one-year period. His son Mark, age 21, went from 250.4 pounds to 175 from July 5, 2016 until today. And his second son, Michael, went from 300.4 pounds to 184.4 pounds, shedding an astonishing 116 pounds in the process. A bilingual family of native English and Spanish speakers, Jamie and his sons are still on the Perfect Solutions Nutrition program today.


“Jaime and his sons family relationship is so strong and unwavering that they fed off of each others strengths and witnessed incredible health results,” said Donovan. “It’s amazing what’s possible with the right community support and encouragement. We are proud of this success story because we want other friends, families, coworkers, and everyone in between to realize this kind of health transformation is possible for them, too. Spread the word on the launch of our health-based coaching site, and head on over today to learn more about our practical meal, nutrition, and organizational programs.”


Perfect Solutions Nutrition offers one-on-one nutrition coaching, healthy shopping tours, healthy shopping classes, stress and mindset programs, healthy lifestyle programs, and sports nutrition coaching for performance. They also blog about their programs and new health discoveries for those interested in learning more about nutrition.


About Perfect Solutions Nutrition

Perfect Solutions Nutrition is a Texas-based, full-service nutrition and healthy coaching platform that works with clients one-on-one to help them achieve their ideal health, weight-loss, and fitness goals. Through personalized meal plans, clean recipes, and curated healthy shopping lists that make health prioritization easy for clients, Perfect Solutions Nutrition is able to guarantee sustainable weight loss that comes off, and stays off. Right now, they offer seven different health and fitness-based programs, ranging from one-on-one nutrition coaching, to sports nutrition coaching for performance.

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Hello Donovan:

I learned so much from you and following are a few of the most important things.

I have been working with Donovan Maycock of Perfect Solutions over a period of 3 years and received excellent nutrition advice, including recipes, daily meals and shopping advice that was so helpful. Donovan taught me how to keep a food log online, how to lift weights and this knowledge was critical to losing weight and keeping it off.

But more importantly Donovan helped me understand that all this information wasn't going to help until I had my emotional eating under control. Donovan helped me know that it was important to treat myself with compassion and kindness and change only happens with a consistent effort over time. Donovan helped me develop processes to replace the old way (eating) of dealing with emotional issues. Over time I developed a new way of eating and consistent attention to the new habits and exercise helped me to lose 35+ lbs. and keep it off.

Donovan also helped me understand maintenance was not easy and it was normal to gain a few pounds but not to tell myself I was a failure but to cut back and lose the few pounds.

I am eternally grateful to Donovan and recommend Perfect Solutions to everyone. It has had an enormous positive impact on me and everyone I have recommended to work with Donovan. The new behaviors, attitude and especially new habits have stayed with me forever.  -Joyce W 09/12/2020