Solution A Fat Loss Accelerator Challeng

What is SolutionA?

It is our most advanced program yet that is focused on getting you the best weight loss results. The key advantage of this program is the scientific breakthrough SolutionA formula that helps to control your hunger. Many of us want to get on a program but find the cravings and hunger overpowering our willpower. This is where the SolutionA makes a difference. You use it before each meal and it will reduce your overall hunger. The result? You lose more weight and it is easier to lose weight. Of course, this must be combined with our carefully designed meal plans and recipes the focus on getting you the right nutrition and maximize your weight loss safely.

What is included? 

  • 2 month supply of the NEW SOLUTION-A  appetite control spray 

  • 8 weeks of fat loss meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.

  • Daily check ins with Donovan to track your weight and stay accountable. 

  • Plus you will have access to us to ask questions by text or email anytime during the work week. And as a Bonus

  • up to 8 video calls or in person office visits to overcome challenges, get clarification or just motivational support. 

What Results can you expect to get?


  • Your goal is to lose 15-20 lbs or more.

  • Get back into your skinny jeans

  • Feel amazing, sleep amazing and have more energy. 

Imagine how that will change your life! The Holidays are coming up and I for one want to feel very comfortable in my nice clothes and be healthier than ever. 



Really enjoyed the recipes and the spray took care of my appetite.  I did not crave the things before like chips and ice cream. Did not even have an interest in buying them. I am sleeping all night again and no longer need a nap during the day. I felt like I was in a rut and stuck before. What this program did was introduce alternate recipes that were healthier and helped me break out of the rut and see results on the scale. I lost 10.6 lbs overall and 7 lbs was fat. I love this program. I love how the Solution A program was complete and so easy to follow. Donovan did all the work for me, so that I could easily follow it. -Jane  12/14/2020



 I don’t know what I was expecting when I started the Solution A program. But when I lost 5.4 lbs the first week, my motivation really kicked in and I was focused on reaching my goal.  I lost 15 lbs and I feel better emotionally, physically and getting into smaller clothes sizes is really building my self confidence and self esteem. Even my sex life is better. I have more energy and feel sexier now. I don’t feel drained anymore. I have my energy back. -Monica G. 12/4/2020


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What is included in the program?

Pre-program Preparation and Instructions. This is the "why". The why motivates you.

Solution A Program Manual (Important)

What I need from you each week.

I recommend you get an at-home scale (required for the online program) (R) (2:59)

Measurements to track fat loss and progress pics (R)

Healthy Food Master List for the Grocery Store

Why no caffeine

How Insulin affects your Fat Loss

About your Coach Donovan (0:33)

Solution A Daily Checklist

Quick Reference to Cook your Meats to the Right Temperature to Avoid Getting Sick

Success Foundations Workbook
Why Sugar is Enemy #1 and Makes Us Fat and Sick

Why No Sugar (22:23)
Solution A Meal Plans and Options

Meal Plan Week 1

Meal Plan Week 2

Meal Plan Week 3

Meal Plan Week 4

Meal Plan Week 5

Meal Plan Week 6

Meal Plan Week 7

Meal Plan Week 8

Solution A Exercise Options

Week 1 Only Light Walking, No hard exercise

Week 2 Band Workout or Power Walking 30 (8:32)

Week 2 Band Workouts Overview (15:42)

Week 3 Band Workout or Power Walking 45 (7:53)

Week 4 Band Workout or Power Walking 60 (12:52)

Month One Circuit Training Workouts to Tone Up and Shred Fat
Solution A Mindset and Mind Body Challenge

Phase 2: Active Lifestyle Program- Total Body Workout with Dumbbells

Start Total Body Dumbbell Workout