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Eating healthy is contagious

Remember the saying monkey see, monkey do? It works the same way with how our personal habits and behaviors affect everyone around us. Each week when I work with clients I hear all types of great health and life stories about how each just gets better and better. The ones that stand out and bring me the most personal satisfaction as a coach is when they say that their family is now eating better. They are watching my client change their eating habits and see how much healthier they look and their new energy levels. Naturally, anyone would be curious and interested in what they need to do to feel the same way. This includes your kids. So to keep this brief. Imagine the impact on their health when you teach and show them how to eat healthy. Statistically you are giving them a significant advantage in life. Eating healthy helps them in school, keeps their emotions more stable, they will attract healthy people to their inner circle and you likely will save their lives. Their chance of heart disease and diabetes goes down significantly and those conditions are life taking. So, keep eating well and share your secret. -Coach Donovan Note: the reference to monkeys in no way refers to any individual.