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A New Way to Think About Healthy Food

When you think of ‘healthy’ food, what do you think of?

For many of us, this doesn’t exactly bring to mind a gourmet meal. Instead, you might think of healthy foods as being those typical ‘low fat’ sandwiches or crisps that have had all the moisture sucked out of them. Maybe you think of bread that is about as thin (and tasty) as a piece of cardboard!

Whatever the case though, healthy food doesn’t actually have to be this way. In fact, healthy food should be all the stuff that you really want to eat. After all, this food is meant to be really good for you; so it makes sense that it would be tasty and satisfying! Plus healthy food makes you feel good physically and emotionally.

Where Diet Food Goes Wrong

Diet food unfortunately is completely unhelpful for the most part. This is processed food that has had the fat removed from it, based on the incorrect belief that fat causes heart problems. We now know that some fat is good for us and even slows down the absorption of sugar as well!

What is more, is that it is fat that helps us feel fuller! And while it contains more calories, this simply means we need to eat less of it – and less of everything else as well. Diet foods may also contain preservatives, additives, artificial colorings and other fake ingredients not found unprocessed in nature.

What Healthy Food Really Looks Like

Whole and real food is the key to being healthy. We must go back to the basics and apply our modern understanding of nutrition to achieve our optimal health. Who has optimal health? Look around you. Who do you know that eats healthy? I know many of them. Their skin looks amazing, they do not struggle with their weight and they seem to have endless energy. If you ask them how their food tastes, they will tell you amazing. They have learned to crave foods that make them feel great.

At the same time though, a whole food diet includes a ton of different fruits and vegetables all arranged beautifully on the plate and displaying a ton of vivid colors. They are packed with nutrients good for every part of your body.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of oil on top actually ensures that all those nutrients are absorbed better.

When you eat like this, you actually enjoy your food and you feel full and satiated. Thus, you don’t get cravings or feel the need to snack and you also get to enjoy eating – the way you should! You will cut down your calories and over time easily drop your extra body weight. Win-Win.

The take home message here is rather a very simple one: eat a varied diet of whole foods that are not processed and make sure you enjoy it!