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"Starting this process was not easy at all, but after I left my first consultation everything else ran smoothly. As promised, I saw results after the first week and seeing those 4 pounds less motivated me to continue with my journey. I continued to follow the program as directed and exercising more and lost weight week after week. I went from 145 lbs to 125 lbs in 3 moths, a total weight loss of 20! I finished my journey with Perfect Solutions, but the journey to a healthy lifestyle will continue. I am happier with myself today than I have every been and I have seen a lot of changes in me physically and mentally. I know I couldn’t have done it without the help, support and constant motivation from Coach Donovan." - Marissa Castillo   2020

Ray got his life back! What would it be worth to you to have your life back?

Ray's Story

“At the end of the summer 2017 I stepped on the scale and weighed 289 lbs. I decided that i had to make a change. Over the next 8 months I was able to lose 18lbs, but I felt terrible. I would have to take naps around 3pm because of how exhausted I was from not getting sleep due to my snoring, I had zero enegry and would just sit and watch TV every night.

I heard about Perfect Solutions from a friend and decided i needed to make an investment in my health. I started the Donovan Approved Program at Perfect Solutions on 4-25-18. I weighed in at 272. 11 months later I feel like a new man. I no longer take meds for blood pressure or acid reflux I have energy to burn, so much so that I am at the gym 6 days a week at 4:30am. My snoring has stopped my wife is much happier. I went from a size 44 pant to a size 34. From a size 50 suit to a size 44 slim cut.

I can not thank Donovan and Perfect Solutions enough for helping me get my life back.”

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